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Dr. Jesus
The author of this blog, Dr. Jesus Lecitona, has been blogging since 1999.

On 2003, he worked as a web developer in FBM Software. It was one of the top IT companies back then.

He discovered his innate abilities about Websites when his father decided to stop sending his monthly allowance.

On 2004, he graduated from University of the East College of Dentistry.

Dr. Lecitona is currently “working” as a dentist in a small town in Pangasinan. A proud member of Philippine Dental Association, he’s currently serving as PRO of PDA-Pangasinan Dental Chapter. He’s also a moderator in PDA online forum and a member of Philippine Dental Association Information Committee (PDA Infocom) under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Almonte and Dr. Arleen Reyes.

He’s currently taking up Master of Science in Dentistry Major in Prosthodontics in University of the East Graduate School.

You may visit his personal website at: Dentist Philippines
or add him in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dentistphilippines

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