June 2009 Dentist Board Exam

The June 2009 Dental Board Exam, practical test for May 2009 Dentistry board exam, also known as licensure examination for dentists, will be given on June 9 – 14, 2009 in Manila. The members of the Philippine Board of Dentistry who will give the practical phase of the dentistry exams are chairwoman: Dr. Norma Reyes-Ayap; members: Dr. Daniel G. Feraro, Dr. Melinda L. Garcia, and Dr. Gloria M. Bumanlag. Results for removal examinees will be released after the June 2009 test.

Results can be viewed at: Dental Board Exam Results June 2009

Theory results can be viewed at: Dental Board Exam Results May 2009: Theoretical Phase

Update 2: December 2009 results can be viewed at: Dentist Board Exam Result for December 2009.

10 thoughts on “June 2009 Dentist Board Exam

  1. May I know the room assignment for practical board exams. for Dentistry – June 09 to 14 schedule. Thanks

  2. how about the results of written exams taken last may 29 and thereafter? is it available now..the PRC web is not opening…thanks

  3. When will be the June 2009 Board Exam Result be posted?
    The radiograph exam was too fast as they say, can’t it be modified for the next examiners? Thank you.

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