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PDA Announcement February 2013

Notice to the General Public

Notice is hereby given to the general public not to patronize DO-IT-YOURSELF dental products sold directly or through the internet by certain companies. These products include among others such items like the DIY Braces Orthodontic Kits.

It is high probability that self installation of the so called Do-It-Yourself products will lead to potential injury to the user in the absence of the professional supervision.

In the interest of public safety, kindly report any incidence, circumstances or suspicion of unauthorized / illlegal practice of dentistry.

Philippine Dental Association
PDA Bldg. Ayala Avenue cor. Kamagong St.
Makati City
897 8091 / 890 4609

Philippine Dental Association
Philippine Dental Association


PDA-HMO MAXICARE for dentist, dental lab technicians, and dental clinic staff

Philippine Dental Association Comprehensive Healthcare Program Committee is now accepting application for enrollment at a premium amount of P11,000.00 for Principal members under MAXICARE. Coverage period is for January 25, 2011 to January 24, 2012 for P120,000.00 maximum benefit limit per dreaded disease limit per year. This program is open to all PDA members and their Clinic Staff as Principal Enrollees. Dependents can be enrolled individually in hierarchy for P11,649.00. Please visit for further details.

If interested please print and submit application form, together with your check payment to the Philippine Dental Association (Ms. Marlene Ang) at 8978091 / 8904609/ 8996332 or to Dr. Gina Imperial- Abad at 7109044 Mobile no. 09178973784 and email address ginaimperial[at]

Jungdam Dental Trading Promo

Jungdam Dental Trading Inc, Meta Biomed Co. Ltd announced their biggest promo. Jungdam will give away Innova E Model Automatic, Dental Chair and High Vacuumm Motor as prizes. Just buy a certain amount of dental materials to get the corresponding number of tickets.

Meta Biomed Co. Ltd Dental Products include: Nexcomp nano hybrid composite resin, Nexcomp flow, Meta P&Bond, Meta Etchant, Smarpex apex locator, MD-Chel Cream, Adseal, Z-O-BSeal, Metapex, MD-Cleanser, MD-Temp hydraulic temporary restorative, NETC non-eugenol temporary cement, Metapaste calcium hydroxide, DM Bone and others.
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Soniford Dental Equipment

There is an 8% discount for Soniford Dental Products – Dental Chair Model Affluence, Focus, Happy Doctor and Model A, starting August 26 to September 30, 2009. Other discounted Soniford Products are: handy cart, x-ray developing box, air flow highspeed system, saliva ejector, Asta Autoclave, ultraviolet sterilizer and dry heat sterilizer. Reservation is also accepted. For more info contact Soniford Maeller Corporation at email soniford[at]tri-isys[dot]com or call 02 733 3769.

Jagas Dental in 101st Annual Convention

Jagas Dental invites all interested dentists to visit their booth on 101st PDA Annual Convention which will happen on September 22 to 27, 2009. Ms. Alice Langit, marketing consultant of Jagas, says they offer in house loan as low as 1% interest per month.

Jagas Dental Trading is one of the exclusive distributors of imported dental equipments in the Philippines. They are engaged in selling US / Japan reconditioned units and brand new dental chairs.

Dental Concepts Booth

Dental Concepts, Inc invites all dentists to visit their booth in the 101st PDA Dental convention on September 22 to 27, 2009. DCI Booth numbers are 226, 243, 225, 244.

Special promo is being offered on their Gnatus dental product lines:
Gnatus Pop Me
Optilight LD MAX
Time X70 Mobile X ray
Syncrus GLF Dental Unit
Timex-70 Wall-Mount
Syncrus LSF Alcanse Dental Chair
Syncrus HX Dental chair
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Infection Control: Gluterate

Gluterate is a sterilant/high level disinfectant for dental clinic use. It facilitates complete TB disinfection in 10 minutes and Sterilization in 10 hours.

Gluterate has broad-spectrum action, rapidly destroying pathogenic microorganisms. With full contact, gluterate produces complete inactivation of HIV/AIDS in 30 seconds (with modeate organic soil -5% blood serum) and viruses in 3 minutes; complete tuberculocidal disinfection in 10 minutes; sterilization in 10 hours.
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