9th APO Biennial Orthodontic Conference

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists proudly invites you to its 9th Biennial Orthodontic Conference on August 7 & 8, 2017 at the Acacia Hotel Civic Drive Commerce Center, Alabang. This will be the final orthodontic seminar this year as APO prepare to hit the sands in Boracay Asia Pacific Orthodontic Conference 2018. Join APO as they make one final push for excellence in this 2 day Conference.

Dr. Chetan Jayade, a certified lecturer and Biomechanics expert from the Board of the Indian Orthodontic Society, will conduct 2 day lecture and special Hands-on workshop on Class II Correction .

Pre-registration Rates until August 2, 2017.
1. APO Members & Student Members P6,000
2. Friends of APO Nonmembers P6500
3. Add 1500 for the day 2 limited hands-on workshop in class II correctors

Registration Rates from August 3-8, 2017.
4. APO Members & Student Members P7,000
5. Friends of APO Nonmembers P7500
6. Add 1500 for the day 2 limited hands-on workshop in class II correctors
Payments/cheques can be deposited payable to the Association of Philippine Orthodontists at Metrobank Peso Current Account No. 343-7- 34351474-0

Please email the deposit slips to apotreasurer2017@gmail.com

For Inquiries, Please contact (0917)796 5951 or 8906048. You may email your other questions and requests to randrclinic@yahoo.com

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