Association of Philippine Orthodontists 6th Regional Orthodontic Congress

6th APO Biennial Regional Orthodontic Congress
Continuing Advances Beyond Conventional Orthodontics
August 8 & 9, 2011
Tagaytay Highlands

Recent developments in Orthodontics have changed the way we manage and treat orthodontic patients. We are fortunate to have with us two world renowned speakers. Dr. Geoffrey Hall, who hails from Australia, will lecture on “Digital Orthodontics & Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy (IDT)” and Dr. Benedict Wilmes, from Germany, will give a one-day course on “New Advances in Temporary Anchorage Devices”.

Day 1 Lecture Topics
•The Differential Diagnosis of the Deep Overbite and associated worn dentition
•Management of Worn/Abraded Teeth, Excessive Gingival Display & the Correction of Black Triangular Spaces
•Management of Patient with Periodontal Defects & Poor Crown to Root Ratio
•Management of Peg-Shaped Lateral Incisors, Opening or Closing spaces for missing teeth
•Movement of teeth in all planes of space to achieve bone regeneration
•Controversial Issue of Tooth Transplantation
•Orthodontic treatment using various forms of Invisible Appliances, lingual braces, invisalign and limited social 6 lingual braces will be addressed.
•Treatment of Severe Malocclusion with Co-Management with the Restorative Dentists, Endodontists, Periodontists & Oral Surgeons
•Self Ligation – the efficient use of self ligation in various situations and demonstrates tricks and techniques to treat patients in the most efficient manner with excellent clinical outcomes.
•Address the latest digital technology that will allow the setup of these different cases in a more practical and effective manner – where we can utilise these techniques and bring valid principles into future efficiency
•This lecture will be clinically relevant to all practioners treating adults.

Day 2 Lecture Topics
• Molar Distalization (unilateral, bilateral)
• Molar Mesialization (unilateral, bilateral)
• Correction of arch asymmetries
• En-Masse retraction
• Molar Uprighting, Intrusion and Extrusion
• Alignment of Ectopic and Ankylosed teeth
• Skeletally Anchored Rapid Palatal Expansion
• Class III Treatment with Skeletal Anchorage

?6th APO Biennial Regional Orthodontic Congress

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  1. Dear doctor,
    We would like to participate in the said event. May we know any contct person.

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    Dr Cel

  2. Dear doctor, do you welcome non-members to attend the seminar? how much is the seminar fee? where can i pay if ever you allow me to attend the seminar? thanks and more power to APO!!

  3. Dear doctor

    We would like to join as one of ur sponsor, May i know whose the contact on this event..


  4. Dear doctor

    We would like to join as one of ur sponsor, May i know whose the contact on this event..


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