104th PDA Convention 2013 Update

This is to inform all Pre-registered delegates to the 104th PDA Annual Convention of an information system innovation involving the company Directory Philippines Corporation (DPC)If you receive a text message confirming your attendance to the convention,please don’t hesitate to answer YES, as this would mean, you will be receiving notifications re activities, seminar and social schedules via text message in the duration of the convention. You may however choose to answer NO, if you are not interested to receive notices.

This is another innovation that the 104th has implemented to better serve our members as this would mean lesser use of paper in dissemminating information.

This is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to all of you. We do all these to further serve our members.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you and God bless us all!

Dr. Fernando “Andy” Fernandez
President-elect and General Chair
104th Annual Convention

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