104th PDA National Convention

PDA 104th Annual convention
PDA 104th Annual convention

TO: All Members of the Philippine Dental Association
FROM: 104th PDA Convention Organizing Committee
RE: 104th PDA Annual Convention April 9-14, 2013 SMX Convention Center

Dear Fellow PDA Member,

Our 104th PDA Annual Convention to be held at the SMX Convention Center on April 9-14, 2013, is fast approaching. We are writing this circular to inform all the members regarding the progress of the preparations for this event, and some very important matters pertinent to the Convention.

As of today, the organizing committee is happy to inform you that we have completed 90% of the preparations for our Convention. We assure you that the committee has everything under control and is scheduled to complete all the necessary arrangements for a successful Convention long before the date of the event. We are very much delighted also to inform the General membership of PDA that we have reached 4,712 early bird registrants and we still have until March 2 for the 2nd scheme Pre registration to complete our 6,000 pre-registered Delegates.

The committee would also like to inform you that in some of the flyers already distributed to promote our Convention, it was announced that Mr. Ronald Cillo, the president of the National Association of Dental Traders (NADTI) and owner of R&R Newtech, will be donating a bleaching machine to be raffled off at our Convention. Unfortunately, in a recent letter addressed to the undersigned, Mr. Cillo, and the NADTI will not be joining PDA and will not get their booths, citing budgetary constraints.

In place of the bleaching machine, however, the PDA has been able to secure a periapical x-ray machine (since a periapical x-ray machine is more important than a bleaching machine in a dental office) to be raffled off during the fellowship night. It has also come to the committee’s attention that NADTI is slated to hold its own convention and exhibition on April 9-14, 2013, the exact same dates as our own Convention, despite the fact that the schedule of our Convention had already been announced as early as January 2012, long before the NADTI convention was set. We cannot speculate on why NADTI opted to decline joining the 104th PDA Convention as it used to in the past and instead chose to conduct its own separate convention simultaneous with ours. In spite of this unexpected turn of events, we would like to assure the membership that such moves shall not deter the Committee from providing the PDA membership a world class convention that we can all be proud of. We are however concerned by the confusion , whether intentional or incidental , that this situation may have brought about.

We would like to clarify that the NADTI Convention is in no manner connected to the 104th PDA National Convention. In fact, despite the unexpected withdrawal of support from the NADTI, the PDA 104th National Convention boasts 340 booths put up by different companies that understand the vital role dentists play in their businesses. These companies demonstrate that by steadfastly patronizing our PDA Convention, they recognize the PDA is the only organization that speaks for, and on behalf of, the Filipino dentist. It is unfortunate that other fringe industry players refuse to recognize this fact and instead attempt to dictate upon the affairs of the Philippine Dental Association.

We are confident that our Convention will be a success, in spite of NADTI’s withdrawal of support, since our event has the backing and sponsorship of the major industry players, such as Unilab, GSK/Sensodyne, Unilever/Close Up & Pepsodent, LISTERINE/Johnson & Johnson, DIO Implants Phils. , ACS Manufacturing Corp/Unique , Lamoiyan Corp/Hapee, Dental Concept, 3M, Dentsply and Hubit, among a host of others. While we understand that some of our members may wish to participate in the NADTI convention, we would still wish to remind our membership to support our very own PDA Convention. The PDA is the only national association of dentists accredited with the Professional Regulatory Commission and consequently attendance in the scientific lectures during the Convention will earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Let us all show our pride and love for our own profession by attending and actively participating in the PDA Convention and all the attached activities, scientific sessions, and exhibitions.

Let the dentists attend the dentists’ convention, and let the dental traders attend the traders’ convention. We sincerely hope to see you all at the SMX Convention Center on April 9-14, 2013. Support and love your own! Support and love your PDA!

Yours Truly,
Dr. Fernando M. Fernandez
General Chair: PDA 104th Annual convention PDA President-Elect

3 thoughts on “104th PDA National Convention

  1. I hope the system of registration wont take long….waiting for hours..i am advising the PDA Convention to make all the Participants of this convention Preregistered accdg to their location…so while we enter the seminar all …..the PUNCH SYSTEM is materialized….regarding the time just asking to start at 9:30 at least all can come in their best….Cultured Looks…! Thank you.

  2. We are supposed to register on-site. May we be advised on what the “2nd scheme” in the registration is all about as we have not received any details about this? Also, is the pre-convention seminar on “Dental Management on Medically-compromised patients” still open? We would like to register for that event. I have Dr. Fallace’s book (a valuable one if I may say so) and I would love to hear his lecture from the author himself. We support the PDA for the dentists FIRST and FOREMOST and the other stakeholders second because truth to tell – one cannot exist without the other. It’s called ‘synergy”. So let’s all work for the betterment of the ENTIRE DENTAL COMMUNITY. Thanks and God Bless.

  3. Ano hong second scheme na tinutukoy nyo doc? Pre-reg? Matagal na pong online ang information tungkol sa 104th PDA Convention. Nakalagay sa madaming website, ganun din sa FB. Maliban sa PDA.ph, active na active ang pagpapakalat ng info tungkol sa 104th PDA convention.

    Ito ang list ng websites na meron info ng PDA COnvention:

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