Dream Car Mo, ANDY-to, PDA 104th Annual Convention

Dream Car Mo, ANDY-to sa Philippine Dental Association 104th Annual Convention
(not Lunch, not Products…but A BRAND NEW CAR!)
Raffle Guidelines and Mechanics:
1. The car raffle is open to ALL REGISTERED DENTISTS of the PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION 104th Annual Convention.
2. Three (3) cars will be raffled off.
3. Three (3) cars will be randomly raffled at the SMX Lobby via electronic raffle from April 9-13, 2013.
4. Winners must be physically present inside/within the SMX Convention Center on the time of the draw.
5. The winning delegate will have a five (5) minutes window time to claim the car.
6. The car is TAX FREE
7. The winning name of the dentist will be posted in all the LCD walls inside the SMX Convention Center.
8. The winning delegate may approach any member of the PDA 104th Information Committee to prove their physical presence.
9. The winner’s identification shall be verified by the PDA 104th Registration Committee Chair-Co-chair.
10. The winning name of the dentist will be posted on/or during Scientific Sessions (if the winner is inside the scientific session, he/she must approach any member of the Scientific Committee to confirm his/her presence.
11. Winning delegate must present his/her PDA 104th Convention ID along with his/her PRC ID for proper identification.
12. If there will be no claimant of the car within five (5) minutes, the car will be raffled again.

For more info visit the 104th PDA Convention website.

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