Philippine Dental Association ID

The new PDA ID will be used for the first time to access and record attendance for the PDA CPE points also known as Continuing Professional Education points. It is part of the PDA Computerization and Identification Card Project.

Scientific Committee head Dr. Liza Centeno and Dr. Francisco Jimenez with Membership Chairman Dr. JV Jaurigue have agreed to work out a series of guidelines to implement the new system in the 101st PDA Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions.

“Upon entry to the session rooms, PDA member delegates will swipe their respective PDA IC’s to register in. After each session, they will swipe out to determine the amount of time spent in one session. The points will be determined based on the members’ time and attendance record. This will be recorded into the computer system of the Continuing Dental Education committee as well as into the Membership Database. Only paid conventionists will be accepted by the system. Their cards will be validated and encoded upon registration in the convention.”

For more info please visit the Philippine Dental Association Official Website.

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