Dental Practice

Setting up a dental office/clinic in a small town in the Philippines.

Documents Needed

1. PRC Certificate of Registration
3. Dental School Diploma (DDM, DMD or DDS Diploma)
4. Barangay Clearance
5. Cedula
6. DTI Business Name Registration, is a requirement for number 7
7. BIR Certificate of Registration to be issued with no 8
8. TIN
9. Sanitary Certificate from Rural Health Unit
10. Fire Safety Certificate
11. Mayor’s Permit
12. Business License

Location of Dental Practice

Space is Rented/Leased or Owned

For this set-up, we’ll rent a space

Rent / month P6, 000
Renovation P50, 000 – P100, 000

Dental Equipment

Dental services which are commonly needed in Provincial setting
1. Oral prophylaxis
2. Tooth extraction
3. Tooth restoration
4. Prothodontics

Price is included in this list. Surgery kit and basic instruments are excluded as these things are bought while in dental school. I will update this list every or every other month.

Dental Chair with Light – P44, 000
High Speed handpiece – P4, 000
Low Speed handpiece – P4, 200
Micromotor – P11, 000
Stool – P3, 000
Air Compressor 1/4 HP – P5, 200
Autoclave P17, 000
Ultrasonic Scaler P8, 000
Light Cure Machine (LED) P7, 000

Basic Dental Materials and Supplies

Universal Restorative 3M Z350 – P16, 000
1 kit = 5 syringes + 5 refills. This kit is cheap if you can get 5 extra refills.
Microhybrid Restorative 3M Z250 – P8, 500
1 kit + 3 refills
1 pack Cotton Roll – P15
DFL etching gel – P150
Local etching gel – P45

9 thoughts on “Dental Practice

  1. no need for mayor’s permit indeed.
    i have a different scenario,i have a TIN I applied for and released to me 2 year ago, now i want to put up my own practice,can I use my existing TIN for the purpose of securing my BIR certificate of business registration?

  2. Hi, i will be starting my private practice this month, and im planning to file all the necessary document by january, because the year will come to end na, is it ok for me to put my signage in the clinic even if i dont have the documents yet?

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