PDA LUZON/NCR Badminton Tournament 2011

Philippine Dental Assocation Luzon/NCR Badminton Tournament 2011

ENTRY FEE:750php
2ND ENTRY:650php
Please email your entries (pda_b[at]yahoo.com)or submit @PDA bldg. (look for Ms.Olive)

1. Indicate prc license #,level,category&chapter.
2. Payment can be made in cash or if check payment payable to “cash”.
3. Last day of payment and entries will be on May 20,2011.

Contact Persons

Dr.Jay Catipon – 0918.908.4934
Dr.Miva Ronquillo – 0917.848.5595
Dr.Gigi Galang – 0916.443.6321
Dr.Raymond Guerrero – 0917.871.731
Dr.Bong Estrella – 0917.836.1925;502.8642
Ms.Olive Gigante (PDA) – 0917.600.7927;897.8091,890.4609

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