PDA Message: 10th NADTI Dental Trade Exhibit

Message from:
Dr. Leo Gerald R. De Castro
President, Philippine Dental Association (PDA)

My warmest greetings!

The Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and the National Association of Dental Traders, Inc. (NADTI) welcome you to its yearly exhibition of the best and the most modern materials and equipment in the world today. The NADTI continually involves itself in the upliftment of the practice of dentistry in the country by keeping abreast with the most technologically advanced techniques and making these available to us.

Let us support this partnership between our associations and I strongly urge a consistent cooperation among us, for that will surely bring us towards our goal of achieving outstanding results for all of us in the dental field. Our commitment in developing ourselves to be globally competitive dental practitioners is really supported by the consistent efforts by our traders to bring us the best materials, machineries and lecturers at a cost not deterring the sustainability of the industry. Let us all learn, develop and improve our practice by visiting this exhibition.

Congratulations to the officers and members of NADTI.


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