Dental Chairs

Affordable dental chairs which can be found in New Citizen Dental Supply in 10th NADTI. These dental chairs are manufactured by Soniford Maeller Corporation:

Model A – compact and portable
Happy Doctor – practical and economical
Across – luxury class
Focus Denta – power-packed performance
Affluence – the new dental chair

Soniford 10 Points Best Buy Advantage

1. Updated design
2. Brand new and hygienic
3. Genuine and authentic
4. Best affordable price
5. High quality assurance
6. Spare parts availability
7. Very easy maintenance
8. Warranty on parts and service
9. Priviledge card for discount on all Soniford products
10. Freebies and giveaways

Contact or visit New Citizen’s Dental Supply for inquiries.

Dental Dentistry website is not affiliated with New Citizen or Soniford. We post about them often because they sell really affordable dental products in the Philippines.

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