Dental Light LED Plus

Dental Concepts, Inc announces the newest innovation from Gnatus. LED working light for dental chairs is now being offered by Gnatus.

The new L.E.D. Light Gnatus brings once more technological innovation for dental light sets, the new dental light LED Plus. LED is a long lifetime semiconductor that generates cold light with high density by using very low quantity of energy.

Closer to natural light, the Dental Light LED Plus offers a light line totally white and shows to the dentists the exact shade of teeth and color of gums, facilitating dental diagnosis and treatment.

It has high light color quality.
Facilitates accurate resin shade identification.
Light concentration and precise focus without heating.
3 LED’s or 5 LED’s.
LED Lifetime, more than 50,000 hours.
Low electrical consumption and higher intensity.
Can be retro fitted to selected old unit.

For inquiries call Dental Concepts at telephone numbers, (02) 926 0987, (02) 410 7950. Visit their showroom in 122-B West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.

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