Image Dental X-Ray

The iMage Dental X-Ray Unit was developed to provide excellent quality radiographs with high definition imaging. It also considers safety standards for both operator and patient by allowing shorter X-ray exposure time.

The iMage Dental x-Ray conforms to CQC (China Quality Certified Enterprise), CLASS III Medical Apparatus Mfg. Enterprise, and CCC (Compulsive Certified Products) standards.

High quality construction utilizing tubular steel frame ensure smooth and accurate movement with greater mobility and stability.

X-Ray Head

Rated for 65 Kvp and 1.0 mA, it is specifically desiggned for quality and safety. The X-Ray tube allows for sharper radiographs producing better contrast while requiring shorter exposure time. It is internally lined with lead and features an expansion chamber and high voltage coils coated with isolating epoxy resin to maximize its operating lifespan. Its vacuum sealed head with specially treated oil increases its di-electric coefficient. It is fitted with a long cylindrical positioner, aluminum filter and lead collimator to limit X-rays.


Developed with the latest technology, it feature a microprocessor controlled digital timer. Release time varies from 0.1 sec to 2.0 sec. Remote control fitted with a 5 meter spiral cord. Sound Alarm and LED indicators for X-ray actuation.

The iMage Dental X-Ray is manufactured by Jinghua and distributed by New Citizen’s Dental Supply.

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