Infection Control: GermXtra

GermXtra is a hard surface disinfectant spray for dental clinic use. It is a rapid ready to use, broad spectrum disinfectant spray with complete tuberculocidal disinfection.

GermXtra ensures broad disinfection in both the presence of wholeblood against Poliovirus type 1 and TB (Mycobacterium bovis). Its anti-microbial agents provide maximum disinfection against disease and odor causing organisms, and destroy mildew, mold and fungi. Formulated with a neutral pH, GermXtra can be used on hard surfaces and will not harm metals, most plastics, rubbers and other man made materials.

It contains synergistic combination of ethanol and surfactants. Its fine aerosol mist ensures effective penetration of fibrous materials, cracks and crevices.

Germ Xtra is available in a 700 ml spray bottle and a 4 L economy refill. Distributed by Faro Trading, Lingayen, Pangasinan. Phone number: (075) 542 2630

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