KaVo Klassis

KaVo Klassis brings in its conception, sturdiness, ergonomics integration and the increased value of the design. The integration of the solutions is present in the movements of the dental chair and instruments controlled by a single foot control and manual controls the table and in the assistants elements.

KaVo Klassis also adds comfort and productivity to dentist’s daily activities, as it has 4 individual movements, 3 working positions and zero position synchronized and programmable, last position and saliva position, chip blower, vacuum stop and on/off of the spray of the instruments. All these items are default, besides the optional boiler with warm water for the syringe.

Developed based on all ergonomic concepts, the unit allows the dental surgeon to get closed to the patient, comfortable access to all treatment positions, with or without assistant. The chair is driven by a silent DC motor and hasthree safety systmems besides an anti-collapse position.

Its exclusive distributor in the Philippines is New Citizen’s Dental Supply, 655 P. Paterno St., Quiapo, Manila with phone numbers 02 7332977 to 82.

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