Litex 686 Bleaching System

LITEX 686 is an LED based curing and bleaching system. It has a 360 degrees rotatabe, magnetically held LED probe and LED whitening arch. Its output is said to be comparable to a plasma arc light. Dental composite shrinkage is effectively prevented by 5-second ramping soft-start function with initial lower intensity prior to higher intensity polymerization. With LED intensity up to 2 000mW/cm2, only three seconds is needed to cure a depth of 4 mm. Its LED life is 50,000 hours.


An optional whitening stand with three section bleaching arm and rotatable trays is also available for versatility. It allows easy access and optimal use of space. LITEX 686 is a new product of DENTAMERICA.

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  1. Please email to me more info re Litex 686 bleaching system and the price. If you have terms re payment schemes please also attach in your response

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