PDA-HMO MAXICARE for dentist, dental lab technicians, and dental clinic staff

Philippine Dental Association Comprehensive Healthcare Program Committee is now accepting application for enrollment at a premium amount of P11,000.00 for Principal members under MAXICARE. Coverage period is for January 25, 2011 to January 24, 2012 for P120,000.00 maximum benefit limit per dreaded disease limit per year. This program is open to all PDA members and their Clinic Staff as Principal Enrollees. Dependents can be enrolled individually in hierarchy for P11,649.00. Please visit www.pda.ph for further details.

If interested please print and submit application form, together with your check payment to the Philippine Dental Association (Ms. Marlene Ang) at 8978091 / 8904609/ 8996332 or to Dr. Gina Imperial- Abad at 7109044 Mobile no. 09178973784 and email address ginaimperial[at]yahoo.com.

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