UltraEZ and Flor-Opal

UltraEZ and Flor-opal treat sensitivity without impressions and models. Each individual tray incorporates an outer delvery tray, as well as a preloaded, disposable adaptive tray (upper, lower, or combo packs) and prefilled syringes.

UltraEZ is used for quick relief of acute sensitivity from toothbrush abrasion, thermal and chemical changes, tooth bleaching and root exposure. It is an alternative solution for post op sensitivity associated with in-office bleaching or perio treatment which may cause sensitive root exposure. Flor-Opal is designed as a long term relief solution that stays active 8 to 10 hours overnight or 4 to 6 hours during the day and is a preventive treatment for patients with Class V decalcification or those prone to caries.

Flor-Opal, UltraEZ are distributed in the Philippines by Dental Domain Corporation, 112 Panay Ave, 717 Future Point Plaza I, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City. Their phone number is 02 4111724.

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  1. Suite a des seances de radiotherapie au niveau de l’oreille , j’ai eu un dechaussement de la gencive , mon dentists m’ a conseiile d’utiliser votre product Flor-Opal est ce qu’il est efficace pour mon cas ou juste il provoque un blanchiement des dents

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