Chapter Twinning Program of PDA 2008-2009

Understanding the Word Twinning
It means an ongoing partnership like organizations. This does not include relationships between vastly different groups like a university and a support group which are typical of development assistance. Nor does it imply replicating the programs of one organization with the other.

The Chapter Twinning Program of the PDA is a voluntary and mutual agreement between chapters in the different geographical locations in the entire Philippine archipelago. The purpose of the Chapter Twinning Program is to give chapters from various localities an opportunity to learn from one another. Through correspondece, the Twinning Chapter actively illustrate the very essence of the program, that is To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the members of both organizations.

In the selection of a Twinning chapter, contents of correspondence and the extend of communication or cooperation between chapters vary according to personalities and desires of those involved. The Twinning Chapter Program is not initiated to persuade others to adopt one’s ways, or entered into with expectations of financial or material assistance. The Chapter Twinning Program rather provide participants with an opportunity to learn from one another, realizing that in exchanging information, materials, support and assistance should redound to the benefit of both chapters.

To bring PDA Chapters closer together by promoting goodwill and understanding through a multitude of programs and activities as guided by its mother organizations, the Philippine Dental Association.

To utilize a mechanism in the selection and sustainability of the program.

Two different chapters duly recognized by the PDA enters into a Memorandum of Agreement represented by their respective incumbent President; President-elect and Secretary.

Terms of Reference
1. Twin Chapters will work hand in hand to promote the programs and activities of the PDA.
2. The Chapters will meet periodically as a group and on other occasions as required.
3. Twin Chapters shall disseminate information on programs and activities through PDA Newsletters/Bulletins, etc.
4. With the acknowledgement of current and successive Chapter Presidents, the effectivity of the MOA will be from __________________ to ____________________. However, the Chapters will be active in planning the various activities during the remainder of the current fiscal year to have them in place by the next fiscal year.
5. It would be expected that each chapter would be responsible for raising the level of awareness for the opportunities arising out of the Sisterhood process and the realization of the goals of the PDA.

How is Chapter Twinning Programs Structured
Points to consider:
a. Accessibility for communication
– Topographical/Geographical Location
– Communication Tools
– Chapters with sisterhood agreement outside the island may be entered as long as the objectives could be achieved. There should be a high degree of compatibility between the sister chapter
b. Acceptability of both organizations
– MOA – may be done during the Twin Chapters activity
c. Uniqueness of the Programs of both organizations
d. Chapter size
– Chapters with big membership are encouraged to assist Chapters with small number of membership in order to assist in its projects

– Chapter Officers attending the meeting of the sister chapter as agreed upon
– Project activities utilizing Chapter funds, nit funded by the PDA
– Short term and long term (one year) activities or projects preferably educational exchanges
– Socialization (athletics, parties, scientific seminars etc)

Development Activities Between Twin Chapters
– Community Service
– If desired that both chapters should have a common project to benefit their communities

Other Special Activities (Optional)
– Fund Raising Projects
– Poster/Eassay/Slogan Contest etc.

Development of Friendship ties leading to better understanding and implementation of the multitude of PDA Programs and activities.

Better understanding of the cultural diversity and their values of the participating chapters.

– Development of long lasting friendship among dentists in both chapters
– Multitude of development projects to benefit the communities of both participating chapters
– Better appreciation of PDA activities, objectives and the entirety of its mission through practice.

Continuing capacity to undertake partnership, to do development and other exchange activities between the two chapters without infringement of the duties, responsibilities of the officers of the PDA and within or either of its members or the creation of any mandatory programs or administration of budgets outside of those provided by the PDA.

Deadline of submission of accomplishment report (with supporting documents) is on September 5, 2009. Factors to be considered in evaluation are:
1. Initiative
2. Coordination
3. Activities
4. Assistance to sister organization
5. Innovativeness
6. Resourcefulness
7. Networking with other sectors
8. Membership involvement or participation

For more info, contact Dr. Roger Lachica, phone number 02 6168119.

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