Fake Dentists

The Philippine Dental Association would like to inform the public of the rampant fake dentists that are practicing in the Philippines.

It is stated in Republic Act No 9484 which is also known as The Philippine Dental Act of 2007, that ONLY DULY LICENSED DENTISTS are authorized to practice Dentistry in the Philippines. Presidential Decree 1542 EO 2008 states that DENTAL TECHNICIANS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to handle patients and that these laboratories should secure a permit from the Department of Health before they operate their business.

Please report fake dentists by accessing PDA Task Force Illegal Practice, phone numbers: 02 8996332, 02 8904609 and 02 8978091. Mobile number: 0917-FAKEDMD

3 thoughts on “Fake Dentists

  1. How will the law enforce its thrust on these fake dentist, when in fact most of them are related or in relation to real ones???

  2. pls check on MCY dental clinics, most of the practicing dentist are not yet licensed.. tnx

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