Dentures Cost

Denture Cost
Denture Cost

This is an easy to understand guide on how to estimate your dentures cost.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures
The options are arranged from the least affordable to the most affordable (most expensive option > least expensive option).

1. Type of Denture
Fixed Denture > Removable Denture

A. Fixed Denture (Fixed bridge)

Type of material
All-Ceramic bridge > Porcelain fused to metal bridge > Acrylic bridge with metal substructure > Acrylic bridge

Type of abutment
Implant > Milled Crown > Natural Tooth

Coverage of retainer
Full Coverage > Resin Retained

B. Removable Denture

Type of support
Implant supported denture > Tooth supported denture > Tooth-tissue supported > Soft tissue suported

Type of retainer
Implant retained removable denture > Precision attachment retained removable denture > Clasp retained removable denture > Soft tissue retained removable denture

Rigidity of denture framework
Flexible framework > Dentures with cast metal framework > All acrylic dentures

2. Number of missing teeth.
5 missing teeth > 3 missing teeth > 1 missing tooth.

3. Location of the missing teeth.
Missing anterior teeth > Missing posterior teeth.

4. Specialty of the dentist
Prosthodontist > General dentist

5. Number of treating Dentists
Multi-specialty dental team > 1 general practitioner

6. Location of the dental office
City > Town
US and European countries > Asian Countries

7. Dental laboratory
Specialty dental lab > General dental lab
US and European countries > Asian Countries

8. Demand
Patient’s demand > patient’s need

For more info, view my post here.

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13 thoughts on “Dentures Cost

  1. I still do 1 3rd molar left. Should I have the tooth extracted? Can I have a stable denture with the said tooth present?

  2. It’s better if you have it extracted. Most of the time it impedes the denture space on the most posterior part of the denture. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  3. I’m wearing a denture for 1 missing tooth. Which is better, dental implants or fixed bridge? It’s on the front.

  4. I don’t have molars and I want to have partial removable dentures. both lower and upper. how much will it cost?

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