Philippine Dental Association By-Laws

It is announced in PDA website that all members of the Philippine Dental Association who have dental clinic in an area should be members of the local chapter in the said area. It is stipulated specifically in the new PDA By-Laws that area of practice should be the basis for its membership.

The new by-laws of PDA is now posted in the Official Philippine Dental Association Website.

2 thoughts on “Philippine Dental Association By-Laws

  1. i would like to know if there is a name of Ramon Miranda as a dentist, is he a member of Phil. Dental Association?
    and also her wife Josefina Respicio Miranda?
    I would like also to know there license number.. I have been once a patient of Josefina Respicio Miranda. Would you care to answer my question, it will help me reassure myself to continue my dental treatment with her. Thank you. I hope you would consider to help me.

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