UE College of Dentistry

For over 60 years now the University of the East has offered quality education to countless graduates who eventually become the country’s top achievers and dynamic leaders.


UE College of Dentistry prepares young men and women for the general practice in order to develop their competence in the maintenance of oral health.

Directed to give dental students a sound foundation in oral health, the program of instruction aims to develop the technical skill and digital dexterity of students, and to instill proper attitudes and a strong commitment to the ideals of the dental profession.


1. To maintain high standards of dental education as envisioned in an enriched curriculum developed by dental educators as approved the the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
2. To develop a clinical program designed to produce dental graduateswho are not only academically prepared bu also clinical proficient in the various branchesof dental practice.
3. To improve the syllabi of the different diciplines methodically and periodically to conform to the demands of dental education.
4.To encourage continuous professional development among dental students and graduates in order to keep up with the evolving trends in dental education.
5. To encourage research among students, graduates and faculty members.
6. To develop a deep appreciation of health service through collaboration with colleagues in the profession.
7. To establish mass media communication through scientific adn civic assemblies and for the professional growth of dental students.
8. To develop programs andprojects in oral health care through community service.
9. To provide extension programs with other dental schools; both local and and international, including government agencies and industries for the benefit of the students, faculty members, graduates and the community.
10. To motivate and reward students, faculty members and graduates who are engaged in productive research, community service and outstanding dental practice to help project the College in particular and the University in particular.

Admission Requirements for Doctor of Dental Medicine

For Filipino students:
1. Completion of two year Pre-Dentistry course or its equivalent.
2. Original and four photocopies of Transcript of Records.
3. Original and foor photocopies of Certificate of Elegibility for Admission to the Dental Course (CEADC) issued by CHED.
4. Original and four photocopies of birth certificate.
5. Two letters of recommendation: one from the Headmaster of the school, another from a former teacher/faculty member.
6. Any other documents or requirements that the university may prescribe.

For Resident Foreign students:
In addition to all of the above, applicants must have an updated Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Special Study Permit (SSP) issued by Bureau of Immigration..

Guidelines for admission:
1. Applicants with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 2.50 or better on basis of four semesters will be considered.
2. Applicants with Pre-Dental deficiencies and/or incomplete credentials will not be accepted.
3. Applicants to the UE Dental Program with a GWA of 1.75 or better based on the first three semesters of the Pre-Dental Course (AHSE) taken at the UE College of Dentistry may be exempted from taking the College Entrance Test.
4. Applicants who are degree holders on health and allied professions and certified by the academic committee are elgible for admission.
5. Transferee students with a GWA of 2.00 adn withno grade lower than 2.50 in any dicipline may apply subject to further deliberations of the Academic Committee.

For inquiries, visit or contact, UE College of Dentistry, UE Manila Campus, 2219 C.M. Recto Avenue, 1008. Telephone numbers 02 7355471 loc. 327 and 328. Their website is ue.edu.ph

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  1. hello Iam nurse from iran .Iwant go to your country with my douther for study in dentistry .
    tell to me in what way?

  2. Graduate yr 2000… for taking the board exam again ..

    there is a refresh course before taking the board exam this yr 2011? in what School.?

    thanks ..

  3. saang part po ba ng website ng UE makikita yung list ng CET passers na nag-take today, January 22, 2011? thanks!

  4. hi, i’m thinking of enrolling my sister for dentistry, can i have a copy of your checklist or curriculum?

    Thank you,


  5. Kloie, you should go and visit the University of the East for more details. They do not post tuition fee details online. But I’ll give you a hint, if you’re a freshman, you will likely be paying around 4oK in Pre-dentistry. I’m not sure how much is the tuition fee at the dental proper. But again, you should visit UE for more details.

  6. hi i would like to inquire about the tuition on pre dentistry course and the requirements. thanks!

  7. hi magkano ba ang tuition fee sa refresher course?????daily ba ang session?????thanks.
    please reply.

  8. guys, can you give me a link(picture) of the pre-dent/ dentistry uniform in University of the East? Thank you!

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