Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation Seminar

Date: Wednesday, 10 March 2010 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Mary Chiles General Hospital, F. Dalupan, Sampaloc, Manila

Full Day Lectures

A Review of the State of Technology in Regeneration Options

The options for bone augmentation, tissue regeneration, and tissue management have become a regular part of dental implant surgery in order to ensure the proper placement position of implants. Dr. Mazor will cover the range of specialized products available for the management and solution of defects.

* Bony Defect Options
* Sinus Grafting and Lifting Materials
* Resorbable vs. Non-resorbable Membranes
* Applications for Guided Tissue Regeneration

Planning Surgery for an Esthetic Outcome

Dr. Mazor will review the advantages of Advanced Treatment Planning and Diagnostic Aids and Guided Surgery as well as techniques which allow for optimal treatments of compromised patients.

* Restoratively driven Periodontal topics including
– Tissue grafts
– Regenerative options
– Ridge augmentation
– Implant positioning
– Initial stability
– Contributing factors to success

* Common challenges and techniques to help ensure a predictable outcome
* Immediate Placement: When to and when not to?

Advanced Implant Therapy Treatment Options Optimizing Successful Outcomes

The application of advanced treatment protocols to make implant therapy accessible to compromised patients is explored. What are successful outcomes? This may vary according to patient expectations in this patient driven decision making field. Dr. Mazor will discuss success influencing treatment options including:

* The effect of implant surface on successful healing: a nano textured surface introduction
* Immediate stability and bone to implant contact as factors in osseointegration: a tapered implant design
* Case selection criteria for success with advanced and complex treatment options
* Optimizing successful patient outcomes in complex cases: diagnostics and treatment planning
* Challenges and solutions in advanced treatments

Expanded Treatment Options with Open and Closed Sinus Lift Techniques

Dr. Mazor will explain and review case treatment options for using sinus grafting as a way to expand implant therapy as a treatment option. He will explain when and why closed and open techniques are preferable. His lecture will use extensive case examples to help participants learn how to recognize indications for each technique and how to handle complications which might arise.

* Specialized regenerative solutions
* Instrumentation and Piezo Surgery options, Treatment planning for a successful implant placement, immediate or delayed.

Registration Fee:

* Dentist — Php 2,500 (member) Php 3,000 (non member)
* Therapist / Hygienist — Php 2,500
* Students / Auxiliaries — Php 2,000

Pre-registration until February 28, additional Php 500 for on-site.

For more inquiries, please call at PAID Secretariat Office 716-8357 or visit Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry website at

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