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The Philippine Dental Association Ozamiz City Chapter (OCDC) will be having its induction-lecture on June 5, 2010 at 5:30 PM. It will be held in Bethany Gardens, Ozamiz City. Invited lecturer is Dr. Ma. Lourdes M. Coronacion who will discuss TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR-JOINT. For more info contact Ozamiz City Dental Chapter President Dr. Elsie Mae Baraya at mobile number 0923 6695799.

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  1. Hi,

    My wife’s mom in Tudela is missing her front top two teeth. I think she just needs a bridge with two ceramic front teeth held in place by connecting to the neighboring two, but, she went to some dentist there who told her they wanted to pull a bunch of teeth and give her dentures instead. I’m hearing that dentistry there is decades behind the rest of the world, instead of filling cavities they pull teeth (!) and they don’t know how to do bridges. Now I’m not a dentist but I found this site online and it seems that you folks are up to date. Is there a good dentist there that we can send her to to get this done ? We can’t afford to pay too much though…


    Roger & MaryJane

    PS Please reply ASAP, it is November 11, 2010

  2. Well it appears no one pays any attention to this site, and she wants to get her teeth pulled becasue she doesn’t know any better and we haven’t found any other option for her and I’m going to have to send her the money to have it done ! Why have this site at all if no one uses it ?

  3. On my advice my wife’s mom did reportedly search in Ozamis and Tudela to find a dentist who could put in a bridge instead of pulling teeth unnecessarily, but she was unable to find one there, and decided to proceed with what her “dentist” wanted her to do and had teeth pulled, and the result is that she is now in pain, has dentures that are so weak she cannot use them to chew anything and is also unhappy with the way the result looks ! Apparently this is the sad state of Dentistry in the Philippines !

  4. It depends on the case if it’s indicated for fixed or removable. There are indications for both. Dentists can not just put a bridge to all patients without examining the teeth present and the soft tissues. Sad state? Fixed bridge is not that cheap. Maybe your wife’s mom can’t find a dentist because she’s not willing to pay for their service. If you’re willing to pay for the service I’m sure there are a lot of dentists who can do it for your wife.

  5. i’m just wandering how much the dentist charge of deep cleaning in Ozamis city? or else can we request a whole year round cleaning and care for a family and can you provide us a receipt and detailed job which you’ve done to the patient’s so that we can claim that to our insurance here in US?

  6. Hi. 🙂

    I live in Ozamiz.
    and I need help.

    Can you please suggest to where I can find an ORAL SURGEON IN THE CITY.
    I’m 14 and I need to extract or do whatever’s good for my impacted canine teeth.

    Your reply would be of good help! Thank you.

  7. hi! I’m coming home soon from Singapore and i stay in a town nearby in ozamiz city.anyone can recommend a good dentist for family dental check-up and would be my permanent family dentist.thanks! ur reply wud be a great help….

  8. pleaseeeee answer. i’m guessing the answer’s no. i’ll look in other places,then. damn this city.

  9. I am a native of Ozamiz City and now living out of the country particularly (USA).Looking back then my family could not afford a dental visit even once a year or once every five years.The only time I would be going to the dentist is when a tooth is ready to be pulled or at times when I have tooth ached the night before.It’s not one of our priorities but now I realized how important it is to take care of our teeth,proper hygiene,timely dental visit needed.Prevention is what they call it.Timely visiting to the dentist for cleaning and check helps a lot.Rather wait to the last minute when the problem is already too severe.

  10. maybe there are pretty good dentist in osamis but hardly to find out where, unlike oroquieta city specialy at rupinta’s dental clinic wherein i made an appointment to remove my vertical impacted tooth but what had happened is they just made a wound in may gums and unfortunately my impacted tooth had not remove after two and a half hour of operation.. until now my gums are swelling and i did not eat for a few days.. pls recomend us a good dentist in osamis

  11. I grew up in Ozamiz City .Wow! I am amazed that Ozamiz DDS have technically grown so much. I am a Dental Office Director/Manager/R.D.A here in San Antonio, Texas. It makes me feel proud that you are going to hold a seminar regarding TMJ and implant classes …………..Ozamiz needs this ! More Power !—Ofel

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