Rizal Dental Chapter 2nd Scientific Seminar

Rizal Dental Chapter 2nd Scientific Seminar
Rizal Dental Chapter 2nd Scientific Seminar


Seminar Fee:
Pre-Registration: Php 500.00, until Sept. 15, 2016
On-Site Registration: Php 600.00, Sept. 16, 2016 onwards
Dr. Fe Nicolabo – 0915-696-6485
Dr. Kriz Intalan – 0922 827 0539

1. Dr. Kristine L. Ongtengco-Medel
Updates in Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty based on a particular skill set, but encompassing all of dentistry’s technical skills against a philosophical background of child development in health and disease. This lecture aims to emphasize the broader picture in treating children and helping the general dental practitioner to properly manage the child patient in the private dental office and in the community dental setting.
Evidence based data on topics ranging from the basics of behavior management, tooth brushing and fluoride therapy to the more complex treatment of pulp therapy and trauma will be discussed.

2. Dr. Ronaldo P. Nunez
Understanding of the Diverse Aspects of Complete Dentures :
Conventional complete denture can be always clearly indicated on an ideal edentulous residual ridge and subsequently followed by its construction or fabrication. However, in some cases, patient requisites might present diversities and may necessitate different approach as the situation needed. The dentist must understand that these diverse aspects in some edentulous patients most commonly immediate denture and overdenture may require different approach compare to the usual complete denture construction. Contrary to the common perception of some dentists that immediate dentures and overdentures can be regarded as common elements in complete denture construction in terms of its treatment preparation and execution, but these type of dentures may actually even require meticulous treatment planning and scrupulous clinical and laboratory procedures including post insertion care and monitoring. Therefore, dentists must be equipped with complete skills and knowledge in handling these diverse aspects of dentures in order to ensure its purpose and function will be fully served and ultimately attain the optimal outcome of the prosthesis.

3.Dr. Juan Vicente E. Jaurigue
Treatment Option: Periodontal Surgery:
We deal with patients with inflamed and bleeding gums almost everyday in our practice. The difference among these cases would vary from mild, moderate or severe cases. Most of these cases involve the gingiva alone but numerous cases are more serious and may involve loss of bone attachment. Without proper diagnosis and treatment the problem remains unresolved, inadequately treated and worst continues to degenerate. Though it’s practically a general rule in periodontics that we preserve and even try to induce formation of periodontal tissues, we need to avoid or be prudent with resection and tissue elimination. Treating most periodontal cases requires balance between conservation of tissue and complete disinfection of the periodontal apparatus. This lecture would touch on the balance of these concerns and hopefully enable general practitioners to recognize and treat cases effectively and thoroughly.

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