Biofunctional Dentistry

Biofunctional Dentistry
Understanding biology. mechanics, function and esthetics towards success in dental treatment

Concept of Biofunctional Dentistry
Part 1 Biofunctional Principle of Occlusion
Part 2 Biofunctional Smile Design
Part 3 Biofunctional Direct and Indirect Restorations
Part 4 Biofunctional Treatment of Edentulous and Partially Edentulous Patient.

Payment Scheme
Externship training is made up of 20 sessions for 6 months with requirements to be accomplshed before getting the certificate for the training

Training Fee P100,000
Payable in 12 months
Get 10% discount if you pay within 6 months.
Externship training will start on October 2012

Intensive clinical and technical planning before strating the treatment is crucial to creating a successful restoration. only an integrated system composed of coordinated components ranging from imression to delivery, ensures successful results and the satisfaction of all the parties involved.

This study group is made to convey easy and useful clinical techniques. You will be enlightened on how to solve the problems encountered in Biofunctional Dentistry.
For more information, please call
Metro Dental Center
254 1111 Local 5049

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