Comprehensive Basic Dental Implantology Course

University of the Philippines Manila College of Dentistry announces its continuing education course on Comprehensive Basic Dental Implantology Course. The first ever university based lecture and hands-on course on dental implantology.

Every wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (plus implant restoration during the next batch of the course). The Comprehensive Basic Dental Implantology Course fulfills the requirement of the Professional Regulation Commission on Continuing Education Course.

Course Objective
At the end of the course, the clinician is expected to be able to insert a dental implant at the posterior area in the mouth.

Specific Course Objectives
1. Acquire the clinical knowledge necessary to understand the basic principles of dental implantology.
2. Gain adequate clinical skills in the management of cases requiring single tooth implant.

Course Outline
I. Implant concepts
II. Treatment planning
III. Implant placement procedures
IV. Implant restoration
V. Complications
VI. Aesthetics

Laboratory Exercises
I. Radiographic examination, analysis and interpretation
II. Diagnostic imaging
III. Treatment planning
IV. Simple bone augmentation procedure
V. Tissue management
VI. Implant placement procedure
VII. Implant surgical procedure
VIII. Implant prosthodontic procedure
IX. Implant restoration
X. Single tooth implant placement

Dr. Nannette Vergel De Dios, DDM, MDSc.
Dr. Regina Isabel Santos Morales, DMD
Dr. Manuel Manolet Julio D Reyes, DDM, MSD
Dr. Errol P Hernandez, DDM, MSD

Registration Details
This course is open to all dentists.
Course fee: Php 258,000
Downpayment of 129,000 upon enrollment.
Balance to be paid before end of the course.

For more info contact
UP College of Dentistry
Phone: +632.303.3603 loc 104
+632.303.3983 loc 103
Dr. Reyes: +632.817.6554
Dr. Hernandez: +632.843.6436
Email: oris[at]

3 thoughts on “Comprehensive Basic Dental Implantology Course

  1. Dear Doc

    I am Nazila Naghizadeh DMD MSD(Perio) and i would like to take a course for implant.

    Since i am foreigner and have no PRC i was wondering if it’s possible for me to attend the course

    If you be kind enough to advise the place for lecture and hands on and the same time when is the enrollment date for the up coming course opening

    Many thanks

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