Endodontic Society of the Philippines Workshop Part 1

Endodontic Society of the Philippines
Workshop Part 1
Basic Clinical Endodontic Program
Lecture and Hands-on

UE College of Dentistry CM Recto Manila
Date: April 16-17 2011 (Sat and Sun)
8 AM – 5 PM

Endodontic Society of the Philippines
April 16 2011 from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Part 1. Basic clinical endodontic progra

Rationale of endo treatment and case selection – Dr. Ma. Rosario A. Damatac
Diagnosis – Dr. Tere DJ Amador
Pretreatment – Dr. Margaret C Tiu
Medicines and Medicaments in Endodontics – Dr. Candid Patrice A Reyes
Access and Working Length – Dr. Iluminada L Viloria
Canal Preparation – Dr. Elaine P Del Rosario
Obturation – Dr. Marie Antoniette R Veluz

April 17 2011 from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Hands-on Workshop

Video presentation of rubber dam assembly, access cavity preparation, canal preparation and obturation

Must obturate at least bi-rooted tooth

Seminar Fee: Part 1
Pre-registration P10,500
Regular Registration P13,000

Seminar Fee: Lecture Only
(Refresher course only)
Pre-registration P5,000
On-site Registration P6,000

Pre-registration up to March 31 2011

ESP Hotline: 0905.348.2980

Upon payment, please call Dr. Jo Nepomuceno at 0905.348.2980 or 899.1263 for verification. Kindly keep your deposit slip and present it at the registration on April 16 2011

50% off for faculty members teaching Endodontics duly certified by the Dean

Instruments provided

  • endo bloc
  • cleanstand
  • endo explorer
  • finger spread
  • glades glidden drill
  • x-ray films
  • gutta percha
  • paper points
  • irrigating syringe
  • NaOCl
  • NaOCl container
  • waste receptacle
  • cotton
  • film clips

Please bring the following

  • Preop radiograph of teeth to be accessed
  • accessed teeth
  • Hi-speed handpiece
  • micromotoe
  • #s 1 and 2 round burs
  • long tapering fissure bur
  • resto explorer
  • locking cotton plier
  • spoon excavator
  • glass slab
  • cement spatula
  • woodson plugger
  • face mask and gloves
  • surgical scissors
  • face shield

Available materials and instruments


  • clinical microscope
  • ultrasonic p5
  • endo success tips
  • files 15-40 Niti .02 taper
  • Protaperfiles/Rotary and manual
  • Rotary system
  • thermafill
  • touch and heat
  • obtura
  • slow setting ZOE
  • Sealapex
  • files 45-80 SS
  • EDTA
  • files 6, 8 10 25mm
  • directional stoppers
  • fixer/developer
  • alcohol lamp
  • denatured alcohol
  • lighter
  • 70% alcohol
  • gauze
  • oil of eucalyptus

8 thoughts on “Endodontic Society of the Philippines Workshop Part 1

  1. Doc,Where can I pay my pre registration fee?I’m interested to attend the workshop part 1.Thanks.

  2. Doc,Where can I pay my pre registration fee?I’m interested to attend the workshop part 1.Thanks.

  3. Dear Dr. i am interensted to attend your workshop, however as of now i am out of country and will be back 2nd week of April. how can i avail the pre-registration?
    and are students allowed to take the workshop? if yes, do they have student discount?

  4. Good day Dr. I was wondering when is the next training. I hope there is one coming around 1st week of August. I am currently out of the country and will have vacation sometime in that month.

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