Pediatric Dentistry Residency Training Program

Pediatric Dentistry Center Philippines
Pediatric Dentistry Center Philippines

Pediatric Dentistry Center Philippines is now accepting applicants for the March Batch of the Residency Training Program in Pediatric Dentistry.

The PDCP Residency Training Program is a one year clinic-based post-graduate program in Pediatric Dentistry. It is affiliated with the Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center Foundation of the Philippines (formerly Children’s Medical Center of the Philippines).

MAR 7, 2013 – Deadline for filing of applications and submission of requirements
MAR 11, 2013 – Written entrance exam
MAR 15, 2013 – Interview MAR 18, 2013 – Classes start

The residency program is designed to provide general practitioners with knowledge and skills in managing normal and medically compromised pediatric patients from infancy to adolescence, and special patients who are physically and medically challenged.

The one-year post-graduate course includes:

• Lectures on clinic-oriented basic dental sciences
• Supervision in advanced clinical procedures
• Familiarization with hospital dentistry
• Instruction and guidance in providing comprehensive dental treatment for compromised patients
• Appreciation of research studies and methodologies

The Residency Training Program requires a four-times-a-week attendance: Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. The first three months comprise of lecture series; the remaining nine months of clinical practice.

Each resident must obtain satisfactory grades for the theoretical and practical phase of the course. A research study must be presented by the resident at the end of the course.

Applications are accepted March and September of every year.


At the end of the Residency Training Program, graduate should be able to:

• Perform quality dental procedures in pediatric dentistry
• Manage children with behavior problems
• Manage medically compromised pediatric and adolescent patients and those with special developmental conditions
• Co-manage confined patients with other medical personnel and follow hospital protocol
• Perform comprehensive oral rehabilitation treatment and minor surgery in an OR setting
• Diagnose orthodontic problems and perform minor tooth movement as part of preventive orthodontics.
• Develop appreciation and analytical thinking of published scientific articles
• Conduct research studies
• Prepare and present clinical studies to colleagues in the profession
• Conduct oral health programs and mothers’ class


The curriculum of the PDCP post-graduate program comprises of the following:

1. Basic and Advanced Dental Sciences
Includes lectures that will prepare the residents to treat the dental problems and manage the behavior of children through non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic (oral, IM/IV sedation and GA) means, and thus render quality treatment .

2. Basic and Advanced Medical Sciences
Includes lectures that will enable the residents to deal with the dental problems of the patients while taking into consideration the medical condition. Necessary pre- and post-operative treatment modifications can be constituted.

Methods of Instructions are as follows:

• Lectures and Discussion
• Technique Laboratory Course
• Clinical Application
• Clinical Conference
• Journal Club
• Case Presentations
• Orthodontic Reports
• Examination and Quizzes
• Oral Health Education School Program
• Mothers’ Class
• Site Visits
• Research
• Workshops

All graduates are eligible to be a member of the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society, Inc.

As of December 2010, the PDCP Residency Training Program has produce 80 dentists proficient in dental management of children, with most of them having successful pediatric dental practices throughout the country.

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  1. Would like to know about the type of certificate that we get after pediatric dentistry program? And do you accept forigen citizen in this program and how much is the fees?

  2. Is finishing the 1 year residency will make you a certified Pedodontist or just a certificate? Thank you

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