Post Graduate Training Program in Dental Implantology

14 Months Dental Implantology Externship Program
St. Jude Hospital & Medical Center, Department of Dental Medicine, Section of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology

Course Information

The course has been designed to impart to the dentist a comprehensive education necessary to start a clinical practice in Implant Dentistry. The course will emphasize on proper patient selection, prosthetic planning, implant surgery, and bone grafting procedures. Special provisions are incorporated to enable the dentist to have a one on one interaction with the consultants/ trainers and to provide him the opportunity to perform actual implant cases, sinus lifting and bone grafting procedures. Course is designed to a maximum of 12 participants only for the training to achieve a quality teaching of said program. The 12 participants will be divided into 4 clinical groups.

This comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach course will meet approximately 14 months (more or less) 80-100 didactic hours and 68-80 hours of wet clinics and workshop on a 2 whole day per month schedule. Participants are expected to complete the surgical and prosthetic procedures on actual patient. Participants are adviced to prepare and provide patients for actual implant placement and bone grafting surgery.

Course Coverage

– Basic Principles in Oral Surgery / Hospital Dentistry
– Basic Principles in Implant Dentistry
– Bone Physiology / Pathology
– Anatomical Basis of Implant Dentistry
– Indications / Contraindications / Diagnostics
– Surgical / Prosthetic Aspects of Implant
– Occlusal Consideration in Implants
– Biomechanics / Biomaterials of Implants
– Bone Grafting / Augmentation Procedures / Sinus Lift Techniques
– Marketing Strategies for Implant Practice / Legal Aspects
– Periodontal Aspects of Implants
– Dental Implant Complications / Post Insertion Management

Wet Clinics
– Stage 1 & 2 Implants
– Sinus Lift Procedure
– Bone Grafting Procedure
– Preprosthetic Surgery

A. Course Methodology
B. Didactics
C. Case Reports
D. Audio / Video Presentation
E. Case Conference
F. Workshop / Seminar
G. Journal Meeting

Number of externs to be accepted is 12 only

Course Fee: Please attend orientation for details.

For more information, please contact or apply personally at the Department of Dental Medicine, SJHMC, Phone number 02 731 2761 loc 263

12 thoughts on “Post Graduate Training Program in Dental Implantology

  1. can i know how much is your range for the fee in training and when it will be started because am interested.. thank you..

  2. What do u mean by didactic hours?Does the extern attend the program 5days a week like a full-time student?Im interested but I worry about the schedule because I practically cant give up my dental practice…

  3. What is the procedure of application for this course and when it will be started because I am interested to pursue this course. What is your email address? I would like to inquire regarding this program…

  4. Can you please send me the details regarding tuition fee, frequency of classes ,next shool session and the requirements. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  5. Can you please email how much does the whole program costs, requirements and the class schedule as I don’t reside in Manila. Thanks.

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